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Loyal Free APP Launching June 1st 2018


The BID has the pleasure in joining with Loyal Free to deliver a free APP for members of the BID, entering the town into the digital era increasing the exposure of the town.

Amount of funding provided: £

Another Fine Fest, 16th & 17th June 2018


On the 15th, 16th and 17th June, 2018, with your help, Ulverston will once again erupt in a multicoloured feast of live music, DJs, circus, street theatre, live street art, window painting, yarnbombing, stand up, and various other weird and wonderful activity.

If you would like to be involved in the upcoming festival, please contact us via the email addresses below:

General: anotherfinefest@gmail.com

Traders: anotherfinetrader@gmail.com

‍After just 4 years, Another Fine Fest has established itself as one of the firm favourites in Ulverston’s festival calendar.

It is one of the most well attended with estimates of up to 15,000 revellers flocking to Ulverston for the 2017 instalment.

The festival is also a world record holder, with 1180 people joining together to secure a Guinness World record for the biggest ever shaving foam pie fight in 2016!

Amount of funding provided: £


Ford Park - Park run


Parkrun is coming to Ford Park

Parkrun is an organised, free, weekly, 5km timed run. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. They take place around the world. Parkrun takes place every Saturday morning at 9am. Walking is encouraged and welcomed as well as running. Over 4 million people participate in Parkrun worldwide. To find out more, visit www.parkrun.org.uk

Ulverston Bid are proud to give there support.

Town Centre WiFi Update November 2019

Ulverston BID Update

Ulverston BID to put free Wifi into the Town Centre.

The Ulverston BID has approved a project to place free WiFi into the Town centre so that visitors to the town can access the internet free of charge. After many months of planning and gaining approvals the project will be the start of the digital Highstreet for Ulverston.

This initiative will enable the BID to showcase the Loyal Free APP and Choose Ulverston pages this of course promoting the towns businesses, Events and things to do and see in Ulverston encouraging people to stay longer and discover what unique offerings the town has to the modern-day consumer.

The WiFi is not to replace the businesses WiFi, it is to encourage the general public to the business’s offerings, services and provisions 24 hours a day!

The scheme will commence in November and is aimed at completion within two weeks of the start date.

The Loyal Free APP is growing month on month in popularity and the WiFi will enhance it appearance and awareness to the public, showcasing the great offerings to the public across the UK.

The Wifi will also enable the BID to market the town UK wide to people that show an interest In further news of the town encouraging repeat visitors and public awareness of Ulverston Town.


Cumbria In Bloom 2019 Ulverston Wins Gold


Ulverston Wins Gold!

This year the Ulverston BID entered the Town into the Cumbria in Bloom awards 2019 in two categories, Business Improvement District and the Small Town. This year saw a change in working partnerships with the BID and community group Ulverston in Bloom, who organised the entries for the It’s Your Neighbourhood category. On the day of the judging we all felt that it was a great day showcasing the town to the Cumbria in Bloom Judging Team.

On Thursday September 5th, the Ulverston BID, Ulverston in Bloom with Incredible Edible and the Mayor attended the Cumbria in Bloom Awards Ceremony in Carlisle. The Town triumphed again with 12 awards with the Gold Awards for the town, Best Town, Best Business Improvement District, the South Lakeland Trophy for Best in District.

In addition, we also gained certificates for the Sun Inn and The Farmers, Elmhurst Residential Home, Ford Park Community Group, Friends of Lightburn Park, Sophie's Garden, Buxton Place Project and Gill Banks Action group.

A fantastic result for team working and collaboration across the town and the hard work of many volunteers and businesses - well done to everyone involved and the organisations that assisted along the way. We are looking forward to the collaboration and teamwork that awaits us next year, as we are already planning many more Bloom’s and projects across the whole town.

“The BID has worked very hard directly and with local groups to improve the area for the benefit of everyone. The judges were particularly impressed with the town’s murals and the Market Hall artwork. The BID has worked with local shop owners to access grants to improve the shop fronts and this was noticeable on our walk. The quality of the hanging baskets will ensure tat they can be reused for many years and therefore benefit the businesses in the town. The judges were impressed with how tidy and clean the town looked, there was very little evidence of litter (there were plenty of litter bins around the town) and the centre looked vibrant with all the floral displays. It is clear that the BID has worked collaboratively within the local community and supports the work done by volunteer groups to improve local areas, such as, at Gill Banks, Lightburn Park and Ford Park. The renovation of Gill Banks is an on-going project to remove an old Laurel edge that is crowding out and poisoning native flora and fauna. There is also support for the sustainable use of planting, both decorative and edible for the benefit of the residents and the town as a whole.” – CIB Judges, 2019

If you would like to see the route that the judges walked on the day, please visit your LoyalFree app and access the ‘Trails’ option, so you can follow along and comment. If you do not have the LoyalFree app, please visit your app-store and search for “LoyalFree”. Alternatively, if you are in town, please access the Ulverston Free Wi-Fi and follow the links provided.

The BID would still like your feedback on how to improve the town further as it enters into its next five-year term, investing into the town for business and community. Please visit www.ulverstonbid.org.uk/revote2020.

BID Funds Tour of Britain

BID Funds Tour of Britain

08/12/18 02:43:pm

Tour of Britain - Ulverston Friday September 7th 2018.

Images of 12 famous UK cyclists will be appearing soon on buildings (temporarily) around the town. Designed by Don at the Northern Line, we think they look great, this is addition to lots of business and community projects. There will be a large scren in the centre so that we can showcase the whole of the Tour.

The BID is pleased to have been able to fund the activities and get involved in this event which is sure to showcase the town as it passes through.

The tour will be coming up Ulverston's cobbled streets at approx 11.30

New Online Marketplace

New Online Marketplace

New online marketplace provides lifeline for independent businesses in Ulverston

The award-winning app LoyalFree has been working alongside the Ulverston Business Improvement District (BID), Choose Ulverston to help support independent businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alongside launching new digital trails to help consumers identify local businesses that are still operating and providing local delivery services, the LoyalFree app has also fast tracked the launch of a Marketplace. Already promoting over 100 businesses in the town, this bolt on service will provide further support to local businesses.

The LoyalFree app was launched by Ulverston BID in 2018 to help high-street businesses increase sales and reward customers. App users can also enjoy local tours and interactive trails, enter exciting competitions and explore local events.

Ulverston BID say the app has attracted more than 2,000 users across the town, and there have been over 34,000 interactions with local businesses since the beginning of the project, with over 8000 redemptions of deals.

Now Ulverston businesses who are part of Ulverston BID, can not only continue to service their customers locally, they can also sell gift vouchers and experiences, providing much needed cash flow during these difficult times.

The LoyalFree Marketplace allows independent businesses to sell products online, without any charge or commission except a small payment processing fee. Businesses can choose to arrange delivery, e-mail digital vouchers or arrange for items to be collected, either directly from their store or another pre-agreed location.

This provides offline businesses with a lifeline during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Businesses can utilise the platform to increase critical cash flow without incurring the expense of creating their own e-commerce site or paying commission through existing ones.

Justin Wales, (BID) Project Officer said “The Marketplace is a fantastic new initiative to enable businesses to display their products to a wider digital audience not only through the current Covid-19 situation but going forward as restrictions are relaxed.

The Marketplace will encourage people to view at their leisure the offerings that the unique businesses of Ulverston are providing. It also gives consumers the flexibility to have their products delivered or choose to collect them from a store.”

The ‘recovery’ stage of the COVID-19 lockdown is a crucial point for many businesses. Ensuring both survival and longevity is key. We hope that the Marketplace will allow businesses to not only continue to operate but also aid recovery once the lockdown measures are lifted.

Sophie Hainsworth, Co-founder of LoyalFree said “It is more important than ever to adapt our services to the needs of businesses around the UK. With a high proportion of independents, Ulverston provides a perfect town to make use of an online marketplace. It’s great to see businesses such as Pure and Squirrel already listing many products on the site.”

Click here to explore the marketplace offerings in Ulverston: https://bit.ly/2yAZTWs

Working alongside 21 BIDs, LoyalFree is now rolling out the marketplace to other towns and cities Along with great deals and outdoor trails, the new marketplace will play a key role in the recovery strategy of the high street.

If you want to know more about how the app can support your town or city please visit https://www.loyalfree.co.uk/bid-find-out-more.

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